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Gambling online is constantly on the rise. In the UK alone, for 2016 it comprised 33% of all gambling, making it the largest gambling sector in the country.
It is unclear exactly what percent of this gambling frenzy happened through mobile devices, but there is no doubt that smartphones facilitate remote betting with somewhat natural ease. The online casinos are well-aware of the tremendous potential modern technology has unlocked and are quick to produce amazing apps for Android and iOS.
Easy to use, secure and immersive, these apps often bring the mobile casino experience to the next level. This is especially true for virtual slot machines, but also for poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and bingo.
All of them fit perfectly the relatively smaller screen of mobile devices.
What is even better is the possibility to use PayPal as the default payment method. Fast, extra secure and reliable, the payment gateway works lovely on mobile devices. As long as the casino has established a working partnership with the e-wallet, you can withdraw and deposit funds with great ease.
By developing software for iOS and Android, casinos with mobile apps aim to provide a smoother experience for end users, who like to gamble on the go.
PayPal helps further by making payments faster and more secure. No need to type lengthy card numbers; just insert your PayPal email address.
The mobile casinos that accept PayPal are among the best in the industry because becoming a mobile casino PayPal is willing to work with is anything but easy.
Stringent requirements are imposed by PayPal; mobile casinos have no choice but to comply if they want to work with the most popular payment method online.
These stern measures are created only for the benefit of the players, who can rest assured that any online establishment collaborating with PayPal is extra secure and reliable.
When playing at a PayPal casino, mobile apps could provide an extra incentive to play on the go, with the occasional PayPal casino offering extra bonuses for using both the mobile app and for paying with the e-wallet.