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If bingo were a sport, it would be comfortably in top 10 of the most popular athletic activities in the UK. It isn’t but this doesn’t dent its huge popularity in the slightest.
Quite the contrary, thanks to countless online casinos and their smartphone apps, bingo has never been trendier.
Arguably, the best way to enjoy online bingo – or any other gambling activity, for that matter – is by using PayPal as the payment method of choice.
Every time you see bingo sites that accept PayPal, know that one thing is guaranteed: top-notch business practices. PayPal is notorious for its strict security policy; from casinos’ point of view, it is not easy to get to work with the payment gateway.
Each and every online casino has to demonstrate outstanding service and the highest level of data protection during the application process with PayPal.
The e-wallet has rejected to work with establishments, which have failed the rigorous screening process.
This business acumen has brought PayPal where it is today: the biggest and most widely recognized e-wallet and one of the most popular ways to pay online.
Indeed, paying with PayPal is much easier and faster than any other method. There is no need to insert credit card or bank account details, making PayPal payments automatically much more secure. As an added perk, many PayPal casinos have bonuses for using the payment processor.
The only downside, if it can be qualified as such at all, is that the PayPal bingo sites are not that numerous. Not all UK bingo sites work with the e-wallet, partially because of the aforementioned thorough screening process PayPal conducts.
The bingo sites accepting PayPal are still a hefty number.
Virtually all of them welcome new players with a virtual warm embrace in the form of no deposit bonus or spend £5, get £40 to play with. Truth be told, such bonuses are not exclusive to PayPal bingo specifically, but the added security and reliability PayPal brings to the table guarantees that the special offers are not bound to tricky terms and conditions.
There are quite a few bingo games that take PayPal. Finding the best among them, the one that appeals to you the most could be a tall order: checking bonuses, terms of service, mobile app and its responsiveness, etc., could take a while.
Luckily, we have done most of the work for you, listing the best PayPal bingo mobile apps and websites, licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.