About Us

Those reviews on our site are pretty amazing, right? Thank you, thank you – we like to think of ourselves as humble, too!

If you’ve read a few of our reviews, it’s natural to wonder who the people behind the website are. So, should you trust us? Have we spent years honing our gambling skills so that we could test all these platforms ourselves?

Or are we helping these casinos con people out of their money for a couple of bucks per review? Well, the answers are: yes, yes, and definitely not!

Our team has trained for years to find exclusive and secure casinos where you can show off your skills, earn those jackpots, and stay safe while doing so.

We aren’t just experienced players; we also take security seriously. Maybe even a bit too seriously.

About us

After years of testing casino platforms, checking for fair play and the best welcome bonuses, and reviewing security and payment options, one thing became clear to us: the safest way to enjoy your time at a casino is to make your deposits with PayPal.

Why PayPal? Well, experience has shown us that using a secure eWallet to make deposits is the safest way to ensure our data and financial information are secure at all times. So, while we review everything from game variety to customer support, our primary rule is that every casino we review has to accept PayPal as a payment method. That should be your main requirement, too!

Excellent security, fair play, and exceptional bonuses are next on our list. We’d never include a casino that doesn’t meet our excessively high standards.

So, without further ado, go ahead and pick your next casino from one of our reviews. You can rest assured that an excellent and safe gaming experience awaits you.

No need to thank us, either. It’s our pleasure! (Seriously, we have the best job in the world).


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