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I take internet security issues very seriously. Some might say I’m a bit paranoid, but I like to think of myself as appropriately careful about the confidential information I put into the ether of the World Wide Web.

Each time you enter your credit card information online – when registering an account in an online casino, for example – you take a security risk. You’re opening up a window for sensitive data to be misused by malevolent forces beyond your control. Hackers don’t have to break into your PC to get at your banking data. Once you’ve shared it, your money is only as secure as the service you are using and depositing funds into. I like to gamble online, which means I frequently do business with websites. I take special precautions to keep my financial information private. I use PayPal.

PayPal is a great way of reducing financial risk online.

About us

First, you need to enter your credit card information only once – when you register your PayPal account. That in itself is an improvement. You’re not sharing information with every site you do business with.

It also means that the casinos don’t store your credit card information. If their databases are compromised, the hackers won’t have access to any of your data. PayPal acts as a buffer between criminals and your hard-earned money.

Plus, PayPal works hard to keep information secure. The company’s procedures and technologies are constantly being updated to provide more security.

Unfortunately, not all online casinos support PayPal. That is why my team and I made it our mission to create a clearinghouse that lists gambling sites that support the safest available method of online payment.

Our work doesn’t stop with a simple list. While security is our top priority, we are dedicated gamblers ourselves. So we review all the PayPal casinos according to a comprehensive set of criteria that includes welcome offers and bonuses, fairness and expected returns, customer service options, general user-friendliness, and more. We are careful to evaluate each site’s security technologies and policies, things like SSL encryption and security oversight from government regulatory agencies like the UK Gambling Commission.

Looking to make your online gambling time as safe as possible? Check out our reviews. Our services will always be free and you can rest assured that we are unbiased and objective – because we make money from the affiliate links found on our website, never from kickbacks for positive reviews.


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