Our Approach

While some people consider gambling to be a fun hobby, others think of it as a serious money-making venture that shouldn’t be underrated. Whatever the case is, the fact remains that online gambling can take up much of your time, which (as the proverb says) is actually money. That is why it’s important to choose your casino carefully and see which one uses your time most efficiently. This is where our reviews come in.

We analyze a number of factors including design, navigation, bonuses, security, and many others to create one, comprehensive overview of a casino. That way you can easily see all the benefits and flaws of the online casino before trying it out yourself. How diverse are the games? What are the bonuses? What is the registration like? Do they accept PayPal? These are all important elements that will help you make the right choice.

Before we explain our approach and list some of the factors that go into making a review, we should address one important point first. All of our reviews are 100% honest and Pay Pal casinos don’t have any influence on them. There is simply no point in offering paid reviews to gamblers because they have no value and can destroy the website’s credibility. Helping our visitors find the best deals is our main priority.

So, here is how we determine the quality of PayPal casinos.

Visuals and navigation

One of the first elements to consider is the website design. The visual identity of a casino can tell you a lot about its style, level of professionalism, and their attitude towards gamblers. A flashy, flamboyant website that showers you with pop-ups obviously doesn’t make a good first impression. In most cases, the visuals reflect the casino’s physical counterpart and try to convey the same values. Sometimes it can be difficult to create a web presentation that’s colorful enough to draw visitors in, yet tasteful so as not to overwhelm. However, the ability to make that is what separates a good web design from a bad one.

Another essential element of a website is the navigation. A user-friendly website has to have simple and intuitive ways of leading a visitor through the site. We check to see how easy it is to find your favorite game, find out about the bonuses, return to the homepage, etc. In fact, a good website will offer you as much useful content on the landing page as possible to help you get into the game as soon as possible. This means good loading speed, not just for games but the entire website.

The selection of games

Obviously, you can’t talk about online casinos without placing the focus on the games themselves. A good online casino will have hundreds of games in its offer and, more importantly, include a lot of variety. Casinos sometimes use in-house providers, which lets them have complete creative control over the content. Some casinos choose popular developers like NextGen, NetEnt, or WMS because they’ve already proven their abilities in the industry. We consider both the number of games and their variety in our reviews to come up with the decision.

The games in the offer should also include a demo version where the player can first try the game for free and learn all the mechanics. That way he won’t face the unknown straight away and risk losing his money on a game he doesn’t know. Some casinos offer exclusive games you can only find on their website, which pretty much adds to the diversity.

What are the bonuses?

It doesn’t matter if it’s your hobby or something more serious, a gambler always has one goal – to win. That is why it’s essential that the prizes, bonuses, and promotions are worth your time. Is there a welcome bonus? What is the wagering requirement? Are there any daily promotions or special rewards? A rich offer of bonuses will make your betting experience that much more interesting.

Many casinos will also reward their regular visitors through lucrative loyalty programs that have special offers. For example, you could earn points for every game you play and then turn those points to cash or some other bonuses. For those gamblers who want to earn big, casinos sometimes provide special high-roller tables reserved for serious players. That’s a great way to earn some serious money and skip the low-paying options altogether.

Security with PayPal payments

Security is the main reason we focus on the casinos that accepts PayPal payments. This method is safe, reliable and easy to use. Once you add your card details to the system, you don’t have to worry about it anymore and may only use your username or email address to complete payments. That way, you’re less likely to be a victim of online fraud, scams, or any other misuse. In our evaluations, we make sure that the payment process on the websites works properly.

If you come across any problems at the casino, you should be able to turn to their customer support and quickly obtain the answer. We test the support, their speed, attitude, and knowledge. Do they offer live chat help or does it all go through emails? How helpful are they? All of this can affect your user experience quite a lot, so it’s important that it works.

The final result

In the end, all of these elements are combined into comprehensive, helpful reviews that list the advantages and flaws of numerous PayPal online casinos. Find out what are the benefits before you go to the site and what type of earnings you can expect. We hope that our reviews will help you make the right choice.