BetVictor Increases Security with Two-Step Authentication


BetVictor, the fan-favourite online gaming operator, decided to make its customers feel more comfortable whilst using the company’s products. The owner of some of the best PayPal mobile casinos recently introduced two-factor authentication to help protect customers’ confidential info.

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Jonathan De La Rosa, Chief Executive Officer at BetVictor, pointed out that businesses with an online presence are frequently targets of internet frauds and online crime. Since BetVictor falls into this category, the online sports betting and casino platform decided to reduce the risk of security breaches with the two-step authentication service.

The bookmaker and casino operator looked into the most common reasons behind security breaches. According to Verizon’s research from 2017, 80% of the time weak or stolen passwords caused hacking-related breaches.

Ironically, BetVictor was in the centre of discussions over a security incident just a few months ago. Namely, the company accidentally made a document called Logins/Links to Back Offices – Internal publically accessible. So, users who visited the bookmaker’s knowledge base could’ve opened that document and get passwords of the company’s internal systems.

Fortunately for BetVictor, the document didn’t fall into the wrong hands. The security flaws the operator had at that time didn’t result in serious consequences for the company. However, the fact that anyone could’ve accessed a document with the company’s confidential info was alarming. It was a sign that BetVictor had to improve its approach to security.

The operator’s initiative to offer two-step authentication service will certainly aide in making the BetVictor community safer. The service will allow customers to opt into receiving a code on their mobile phone that will authenticate their registration. The additional layer of security will also help BetVictor customers make safe transactions and enjoy in a safer online gambling environment.