House Tech Ads Launches New Jackpot Tool on GamblersPick


House Tech Ads made serious efforts to enhance their online gambling portal, GamblersPick. The online marketing agency that works with some of the biggest UK PayPal casinos and sports betting portals recently launched a Progressive Jackpots Meter tool. This tool focuses on helping casino fans discover which jackpot titles are most likely to pay out.

gamblers pick logo

By visiting the GamblersPick online portal, online gambling enthusiasts will find a section dedicated to jackpots. So far, GamblersPick users could see the most popular jackpot games, and jackpots with smallest and biggest prize amounts. Now, thanks to the Progressive Jackpots Meter tool, users now see the winning odds of each jackpot title.

“We are very excited that we have established the Jackpot Meter so effectively with GamblersPick – it is a seamless addition that continues to set the portal apart from the competition,” said House Tech Ads Director, Oren Arzony.

At the time being, GamblersPick features the winning probability for 133 progressive jackpots. There is a search filter that sorts jackpots by temperature. If a jackpot game is on fire, the GamblersPick team will suggest that players try their luck on that jackpot. If the jackpot’s temperature is cold, on the other hand, GamblersPick will advise players to check later. The hot label indicates players should consider playing, while warm means “check back soon.”

The online gambling portal uses various types of information to determine the temperature of games. So, the Progressive Jackpot Metter tool doesn’t always have enough data to tell a jackpot’s temperature.

For each jackpot title, Jackpot Meter displays the average win amount and win frequency. This tool also shows when was the last time someone won a jackpot. This is a very useful tool, but keep in mind that it cannot guarantee a jackpot win.